Ultra Indie: The Cleansing Hour

Don't hate me, but I can't actually show this one ... not just yet. When it becomes available, though, you're going to love it.

 Fear with Beer's Ultra Indie selection this week features The Cleansing Hour, a horror short from director Damien LeVeck and writer Aaron Horwitz, This well-produced short offers tight editing, controlled pacing and solid acting. Currently running the indie film circuit, The Cleansing Hour has been chosen to run at top indie screenings, including Shriekfest 2016, the Austin Film Festival 2016, and Sitges 2016, among many others ... and deservedly so.

The story revolves are two webcasters, Drew, played by Neil Grayson (Douglas Fargo on Eureka and Warehouse 13) and the charismatic Father Lance, played by Ohio-born Sam Jaeger, (Joel in Parenthood), who stage convincing, although phony, exorcisms, live online for a dedicated fan base. They run a great gig until they encounter a slight snag: namely, that their performer-in-possession Heather, played by Heather Morris (Brittany on Glee), actually becomes possessed. That's the thing with live webcasting. You need to adapt to the unexpected.

The short clocks in at around 19 minutes, although the team hopes to see the project expand into a feature-length film. I, for one, am convinced that will happen. I will also be first in line to see it when it debuts.

By the way, I connected with producer Shirit Bradley, who told me that during a five-day shoot, six cars broke down and the crucifixes on the set wall refused to stay upright. I'm just sayin'...

View The Cleansing Hour Trailer

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Heather in The Cleansing Hour, taking method acting
to the extreme


Fear with Beer's Ultra Indie introduces horror cinema fans to independent horror productions of all kinds: shorts, movies and works-in-progress. Many are passion projects, created by small teams, even individuals, with inspired visions but not always inspired budgets.

Given the nature of indie projects, I've decided to largely let them speak for themselves. I'll get 'em to you, but you decide what you think. We may see works from the next John Carpenter, Wes Craven ... or Ed Wood. We may see something never before seen. Whatever we see, it will be authentic and new.

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